Our Film Festival in San Diego

All movies shot with smartphones: The Red Carpet Is In Your Pocket™

Based on a vision of the future of filmmaking in 2001, we challenged filmmakers to make movies for the cinema using cell phone cameras in 2009.

Then the iPhone 4 with an HD camera came in 2010.

This is the story of how our unique little film festival persisted in bringing people of all ages, from different corners of the world together in San Diego, California to celebrate storytelling through film using the camera on their phone. Inspiring others to share their stories and realize their dream to make films.

About the Video

In 2019, festival founder Susy Botello scheduled a day with festival brand ambassador Aaron Nabus and San Diego actor/filmmaker Anthony De La Cruz, where we would meet at the festival venue, located at the Marina in Pacific Beach. They agreed to be interviewed by Susy and share their story based on their impression of our film festival.

Walking the Talk

Susy filmed the video with her iPhone. She used a shotgun mic, a light reflector and a hand-held stabilizer (not a gimbal). Wearing headphones, holding the phone and the mic with boom pole in the other, she tasked each of the guys to hold the reflector to help with shadows, taking turns as each spoke.

Within a few hours setting up and completing (a few takes each) they went their separate ways.

That evening, Susy began to go through the interviews. She placed the best clips on a timeline using iMovie (free) on a Mac laptop and began to search through old hard drives for specific footage and photos to use in the video.

Once she had the video completed she concentrated on the audio. Fixing a bit of the audio and then adding some music she had previously composed using Garageband (also free) on her Mac laptop.

The video was finalized and published on YouTube by the next afternoon. Within 24 hours from the start, we were able to produce our story, with footage and b-roll from our archives.

We thank Anthony De La Cruz and Aaron Nabus for participating in the video and sharing their stories!

IMFF 2023

The festival takes place in San Diego during the last weekend every year since the inaugural. Without skipping a beat! During the pandemic, we had to shift online in 2020 and 2021 during the same weekend. Our 2022 edition was celebrated in person April 29, 30 & May 1 for our comeback in person celebration.

International Mobile Film Festival (2022)

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The 12th edition of the International Mobile Film Festival is scheduled to take place April 28-30, 2023.

We bring together people from the smartphone filmmaking community around the world to share, connect and celebrate their accomplishments. We have a unique red carpet with famed charity cosplay group Science Fiction Coalition led by Dude Vader that escorts and plays with attending filmmakers, directed by Susy Botello.


Feature films, short films, mobile filmmaking workshop, Q & A Panels and sessions and more! Don’t miss out on this annual international celebration!

IMFF 2023 takes place at Marina Village in San Diego, California April 28-30

Be a part of the coolest community of filmmakers around the world in San Diego’s 12th Edition International Mobile Film Festival!

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International Mobile Film Fest